Friday, 10 August 2007


Here are a couple of photos of me for the ladies out there.
Please leave a comment.


T.J. Soles said...

I'm not one of the intended ladies, but I do have my own jack blog out there on the web:

Perhaps we could trade links?

Keep up the good bloggin', my man.

Mark cum for you said...

( t.j soles ) Added your link to my friend
Will be posting a photo of my cock and my wife's feet and i think you mite like it!


Good looking cock there dude.

Next time me and my buddies get together for a Club meeting, I will print out a pic of your hardon and tape it next to the screen so you can be with us in spirit. Sound good?

Mark cum for you said...

Thanks MADDRAPPER sound good to me!

Rae said...

wow. VERY yummy pic.

Slutty Wife said...

Likin your pics and nice cock!

Anonymous said...

I love that cock of yours, mark cum, and it makes my cock hard to look at it!

Just Looking said...

Very impressive dude. Gotta say porn is always more impressive if the dick is a big 'un!

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